You can customize all the texts belonging to the booking system. All words and explanations that cannot be configured in the front office administration can be overwritten using a special back office function in Joomla!.

The ORA booking system uses the files to translate and display all the texts in the booking system, both for the public area and for the front office administration area and is therefore customizable in every page and language.

To change, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Joomla! Administrator. by typing / administrator (replace your domain with your actual website) and log in with your SuperAdmin account.

2. Go to the Extensions ->  Language ->  Overrides section:

3. Once the Overrides section has been selected, use the New button:

4. Search for the text you want to edit by typing in CAPITAL LETTERS in the search box and then use the Search button.

5. Once you find the related label (in this case TITLE_CALENDAR) click on it and on the left side you can edit the text displayed in the Text field:

6. Then save using the top button Save. This procedure can be done for all languages ​​configured in ORA.

7. Verify on the website that the change was successful by updating the page. Note that you may need to clear the cache before the change appears.

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