Calendar tools are the core of daily administration. In this area you can get an immediate idea of ​​the day's activities.

The Calendar view allows you to see the activities organized for a specific day. You can use different types of views in the order of one or two days on the screen using the buttons on the right side.

Use the calendar

The list of scheduled activities for that day will appear. From this view it is possible to see how many customers are booked for all the activities of the day and access reservations. Use the Pin button to view reservations for the business.

Add an activity

Before you can add an activity, you must define at least one Activity types and one Customer types. Once your system is set up with the type of activity you are doing in your center, you can start defining when you want to plan these activities.

1. Choose the date of the activity. To select a day, you can select the date or use the other shortcut buttons.

2a. Use the "Add new" button to add a single activity

2b. Use the "Recurring activity" button to configure repeating activities.

3. Define all the details on time, availability and visibility (the configuration for the single event is simplified).

4. Click Save

Edit an activity

To modify the activity data (change the time or modify the available places) you can use the Edit button.

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