It's possible to add administrators accounts in order to give to all employes a correct access to the management system. ORA records the author of every reservations and thus it's important that everyone has his own account.

 There are 2 types of special access:

- Secretariat: this role is good for normal employer with no necessity to set up the ORA system (can manage reservations and add activities to the calendar)

- Administrator: this is the role for all managers who need to modify settings in the system (can do all the settings and manage everything)

Step 1:

Create an user

The first step is to create a normal user with website access.

1. Go on the User management area on ORA


2. Add a new user with the data (email required) of your employer and define a username

A password will be sent to the user's email. 


3. Save

The user will be able to edit his password on the reserved area in the website.

Give Secretariat or Administrators rights

FOR version after 2018

1. Click on the Role configuration icon (only Administrators can manage accounts)

2. Add the role "Secretariat" or "Administrator" to an user using the form. To select an user just start writing the name. 

 FOR version before 2018 

1. Click on the configuration icon in the menu and login in the Joomla! backoffice with your SuperAdmin account

2. Access the User management area


3. Find the user you have created using the search tool

4. Click on the user name and enter the Editing area

5. Select "Assigned User Groups" tab

6. Check the Administrator or Super-Administrator group

7. Save

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