January 2014, the 3.0 version is ready!

Many new features have been developed over the years to meet the needs of different situations.

Request information for hotels with the estimate calculator

During the checkout steps, users can select from a list of hotels in order to estimate the hotel cost in connection with the activity.

This feature is highly customizable according to the needs of the center and the agreements with the hotels.

Management of different channels billing

With version 3.0 it is possible to issue invoices or receipts on different channels with different numbering billing.

A very effective way to maintain complex accounting within the center.

Sale of activities by type

With this new view for user's reservation, you will no longer need to define the full program of activities, as each booking will add a new task to the calendar automatically.

For this type of booking system you can define the availability in terms of the days of the week and the times at which they are available.

Improvements to the reservation system

Like every release, version 3.0 offers a number of improvements in terms of performance and functionality for the administrator and the user. Each view available on ORA has been made ​​compatible with mobile devices visualization.

The Solution for activities centers

Soluzione per prenotazioni centri di attività

Get into the power of a customizable booking system!

Do not accept rules and limitations of hosted systems

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