The manager can create discount codes in order to start marketing campaigns or give to the user special discounts. 

The discount code area is destined to the code management and creation. To create a single code you need to set up the Discount code type first.

How to use discount codes

Once you have a discount code type you can generate custom code for any purpose:

1. marketing campaigns on social network or newsletter

2. special deal for a single customer

3. flayer with discount integrated 

4. last minute offers

5. anything you can image...

Once a reservation has been done online with a discount code the manager will be able to see the discount code used on the reservation pop up. 

You can add the code manually to a reservation but you don't have to forget to modify manually the price as well. The value of the discount code will be shown after 1 second.

How the customer will use a discount code

The customer can add the discount code to the last checkout page. By clicking on the refresh button the discount will be added to the total.


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